San Pedro Journeys in Peru with Sergey Baranov

Powerful, ecstatic, heart touching Huachuma ( San Pedro ) ceremonies at the ancient sacred sites and stunning Nature. Deep spiritual work for sincere and mature people.



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  • Frederic Meyvaert 15.09.2015

    I stayed in a beautiful lodge in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, met great people and made new friends, visited temples and archaeological sites and participated in colorful rituals. These rituals are not superstition nor magical cure but like ‘planting seeds’. In order to grow those seeds and activate our own power we also have to cultivate wisdom and skills.
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  • Photo of face Martin Stevens 07.10.2015

    I very much appreciate Sergey’s sincerity and integrity on the path of sacred plant medicine and also the careful way he introduces new people into the world of the sacred plants and the expanded awareness they open up. I do feel comfortable recommending Sergey’s ceremonies to anyone looking for an entranceway into the deep and ancient spirituality of Peru that lies unseen to the great majority of visitors to Peru.
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  • Tomas Rehacek 07.10.2015

    The medicine connected me with the Earth and nature and showed me my place in it. I didn’t pose any serious question to the medicine the very first time however, I still gained some insights into several situations in my life as well as my very own existence in the universe. Sergey’s guidance was just right. He was around to talk to and periodically checked on everyone but at the same time he let the experience unfold without too much of interaction. A beautiful day by the river not far from Calca was magical and left me full of happiness and joy.
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  • Leo 07.10.2015

    ‘The purpose of my trip to South America was to explore myself, learn more about myself, and somehow address my current existential crisis. Being lost in my understanding of life and reality, confused by the current human cultural narrative governing our lives, and seeking a purpose and an understanding of my true identity and potential contribution to society, I decided to seek the help of like minded people, spiritual mentors and plant medicines.
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Meetings with Sergey Baranov

Sacrifice Your Fears For Your Vision

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