San Pedro retreat in Peru

San Pedro cactus, San Pedro retreat in PeruI would like to open a window into my journey with Sergey Baranov and our dearest Grandfather spirit San Pedro, also known as Huachuma.

A dear friend of mine mentioned he was going to see Sergey to do some deep physical, metaphysical cleansing and spiritual work. He was due to leave Australia in one week when he arrived for a visit at my place to say farewell. That was the moment when spirit told me I was going too! The next day my tickets were booked and 6 days later I found myself sitting in front of Sergeys sacred altar with my friend, as well as some new friends, who were also staying at the cactus house. Gracias gran misterio!

I knew why I was there. To spend a month with Sergey and the grandfather to do my own personal
work on a level that my own work in Australia doesn’t always allow. To be in the homelands of this
sacred medicine, receiving the frequencies of the Andean Apus (mountains) of the sacred valley.
Ahh glory be!! The magnificence of Peru and in my opinion the most sacred plant spirit I have ever
known (no offence to all you other marvellous, miraculous healing plants out there that I know and

The grandfather, with Sergeys ever loving grace (gracias hermano), humbled me to a new level of
understanding. An understanding in regards to what it is, what it means to be me, to be human, the
human experience, the spiritual realms, the holographic realms and the world that surrounds me,
all of us.

Sergey works so comfortably and confidently with the frequency of the grandfathers ancient
wisdom. Demoleculising the belief systems that do not serve us, the systems we have created as a
race, collectively over time. Defragging the mind and learning to come to peace with the mind and
honouring that miraculous part of us that wishes to serve us so well when in harmony and balance
with the heart and spirit. Deepening our presence with one another so we may see each other for
who we really are. Eternal spirits of light and love. A true gift.

Sergey, and his deep connection with the medicine, so lovingly and gracefully holds us as we
transmute the shadow aspects of the self, past trauma and pain being realised and released,
ultimately strengthening us as we embody more light and a higher frequency within and without.
Helping us to align and refine our prayer for life, how we want to feel and be treated and how we
treat others. Awakening us to the power of intention and how, as an individual and a collective, we
may shift the human consciousness on so many multi dimensional levels.

Sergey’s humble, down to earth, caring and compassionate ways of navigating the journey for the
group and the individual is amazing. Sergey is passionate about his work, his service to the
grandfather, pachamama and the human race is inspirational to me and has had a profound
positive effect on my own service to humanity. I am eternally grateful.

The cactus house where fellow journeyers stay is lovely, feeling more like a home than a house.
Warm and cozy, bright and sunny, peaceful surrounds and majestic views forever. The perfect
place to integrate the teachings and healing that comes through on the path to freedom and

If I had one sentence to offer others seeking deep healing, more clarity on the “big “ questions, or
simply searching for a pure connection to the spirit and the heart, I would say unto thee….
“ Go see Sergey, drink more medicine, read his book “PATH”.
Big hugs Sergey, love your light work man!!