An unforgettable journey within: The Teaching from the Sacred Cactus

By Deslee Mihalyi Fleming
Moontime & Fertility Facilitator
The Rock Store in Toronto, Canada

riverMy fascination with the physical body started in childhood as an athlete, which led to a study of Kinesiology Science in university. I was driven to understand how the body becomes injured and then repairs itself. As my knowledge of the body systems deepened, I realized that there was something missing in my studies that could be felt, but not measured well with the scientific tools we had available. I then moved to the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where the concept of ‘Qi’ or Life force and ‘Shen’ or Spirit play a vital role in one’s ability to remain in a state of health and vitality. This has led me on a journey of personal discovery and healing.

In 2009 I journeyed to Peru to undergo deep spiritual growth and continue my training for the therapeutic work that I do. While living in the Sacred Valley, I had the pleasure of meeting Sergey. Soon after our meeting, there was extensive flooding in the Valley, leaving many homeless, injured or dead. At that time I felt an intense calling to work with the Sacred Cactus San Pedro, also known as Huachuma. Up until that point, my work was primarily with the Sacred Vine and some other Teacher plants and herbs.

I began regular sessions with Sergey, where we had the chance to deepen in our work with the plant as well as build a friendship out of shared philosophies and similar histories in our search for something real spiritually. This period of working with Sergey brought to the surface issues I was carrying inside from childhood around the guilt and shame that is sometimes associated with femininity.

I had the chance to process personal traumas, both deep and superficial, including a previous pregnancy. Sergey provided a strong place on which I could lean on to do my healing from.

Following this personal work, I continued with the Sacred Cactus into the realms of my professional and service work. Up until this point, I was working from a very detached position and not very hands-on with my clients. What this sacred plant taught me, I could not have learned from a book or human teacher. The Sacred Cactus connected within me, my separate knowledge of Western anatomy and physiology, and Eastern energetic systems into a coherent whole. Through this work, the Grandfather also opened up ways within my body that allowed me to ‘hear’ or sense with my hands, where traumas are rooted within one’s body as well as how to track the pattern of trauma as it is stored within one’s cellular memory. I now work on clients with my hands, where the levels of physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual are connected systematically. I would not have been able to access this level of healing for myself or the work that I do, had it not been for the permission of this ancient plant -Teacher and the navigation of this spiritual medicine from Sergey.