Magical Huachuma journeys with Sergey Baranov in Peru

By Diana Love

11659498_10153359660200199_4173898991516878277_nHaving lived in Peru for several years, I have had many experiences with plant medicines during my time there. I am back living in the United States and still learning from all my many relationships and life lessons I had during those years.

In July this year, 2015, I returned to Peru to find deeper insights, wisdom and find closure with some of my past experiences there.I felt drawn to work with Sergey since we have some common friends who have done work with him and so I trusted him initially on that basis. This was important to me since I was a single woman traveling alone. As soon as I met Sergey and his family in person I felt confident I had made a good decision. His warmth, compassion, and confidence are very comforting and reassuring.

Upon doing the first ceremony I KNEW I’d been led to the right teacher, the right time, the right medicine. It was profound for me beyond words.

I completed three ceremonies with Sergey and Huachuma ( San Pedro )during my stay. Each one built upon the other and graciously offered me more information, more Light, more opening and expansiveness. It has been easy to integrate this up-leveled vibration into my daily life here in the States for the experiences I had were so grounding and authentic. My life & reality is viewed from a new (higher) perspective.

If you feel called to work with the healing and teaching plant, Huachuma, I cannot recommend Sergey highly enough. He is knowledgeable, safe and his medicine is pure Magic. I know from personal experience.

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Diana Love