By Hum Wilkinson, Australia
 San Pedro cactus, San Pedro retreats in Peru
I recently spent six weeks working with Sergey and his beautiful medicine.
I had contacted Sergey from Australia after drinking Ayahuasca that had been brewed with Toe (a dangerous power plant from the Amazon). I was suffering memory loss, confusion and felt like I was lost in a vortex of darkness, my creativity had disappeared and I was in desperate need of help.
Sergey was very honest with me saying that I may find healing through Huachuma ( San Pedro ) but that he himself did not perform miracles. Something about this calm honest statement eased my worried mind and I knew that I had found somebody I could trust with my healing.
I traveled to Peru with a dear friend who worked with San Pedro in Australia and was hoping to expand his knowledge of this sacred medicine.
We arrived in Sacred Valley in the evening and after settling into the Cactus house meeting the other guests and getting a good nights sleep, we were up early the next morning and off to work with Sergey.
What followed in the next six weeks was the adventure of my life time!
I honestly believe that the healing I received through Sergey’s medicine can be described as miracles – not only do I feel completely clean of Toe but I also have a vision for my future. I feel strong and clear and my creativity has not only returned but is reaching new levels. Surrounded by the magnificent mountains of the Andes and feeling the gentle power of the sacred cactus medicine I experienced love and a profound joy that I will keep with me for the rest of my life!!
To witness the transformations and healing  in the other participants during our work was also a joy to behold!
Drinking the medicine and living at the Cactus house was an all inclusive  healing experience. With new found friends we would cook together, make music and talk and laugh into the evening.
The gratitude I feel for Sergey and his divine medicine is beyond words. I highly, highly recommend this work to all those who are serious about their healing..
Muchos gracias Sergey..,
Hum Wilkinson