Huachuma Experience in the Sacred Valley, Peru

By Leo

11902486_10153440371331999_4337100473185923187_nThe purpose of my trip to South America was to explore myself, learn more about myself, and somehow address my current existential crisis. Being lost in my understanding of life and reality, confused by the current human cultural narrative governing our lives, and seeking a purpose and an understanding of my true identity and potential contribution to society, I decided to seek the help of like minded people, spiritual mentors and plant medicines.

My time in the sacred valley of Peru will, without a doubt, stay in my mind as a strong memory forever. After working with Ayahuasca, the shamanic plant medicine, brewed in the jungle of Peru, I had already lived a very intense introspective experience but there was much to still resolve and understand, and heal.

I was extremely lucky to meet wonderful people who led me to meet Sergey, our companion and host for our experiences with Huachuma (San Pedro), the cactus plant medicine.

With two ceremonies within a week, I have explored amazing dimensions of my own mind, beliefs and of course nature and the world. Supported by Sergey and the other amazing individuals I was sharing my experience with, I was able to reflect and receive the amazing healing this plant can provide.
Sergey led us to amazing sights of the Sacred Valley, where we sat and enjoyed in awe the nature around us, whilst all living our individual healing from Huachuma.

The ceremonies were all well organised, well mentored to set intentions, enjoy the process of taking the medicine, and later rest in nature. Sergey would come to us individually to talk to us, coach us, and help us think through our experiences, and eventually lead us to the depth of our minds, hearts and souls. Later, Sergey would take us on walks across the beautiful nature surrounding us, and engage with one another to share our experiences, and help one another.

Sergey is well caring, experienced and committed to this healing with Huachuma. I would recommend this experience to anyone seeking reflection, awe, self-exploration, and true enjoyment of nature in full spiritual awareness.