Out of Darkness and into the Light

By Natalie Gaia, Australia

nataliI first heard of Sergey and his work with Wachuma (San Pedro) back in 2013. I was working at an Ayahuasca retreat center and received a recommendation from one of our guests, Max Igan. It was another 2 years before I returned to Peru and again received a recommendation from a dear and trusted friend who had been working with Sergey.

I was re-entering the world of plant medicines with a little trepidation after my experiences with ayahuasca in the jungle but I trusted the recommendations from these two people so I booked in my first Wachuma ceremony with Sergey.
We met up beforehand to discuss my reasons for coming to Wachuma and my previous experiences with ayahuasca. I expressed that I had been feeling somewhat ungrounded and was seeking some tools to assist me in making sense of my time in the jungle with ayahuasca.

Entering my first ceremony, I had some fear and anxiety but felt I was in good hands and that I could trust the experience. Sergey took us to an incredible place for the first ceremony, in amongst majestic mountains beside a flowing river stream. I felt held and safe in the arms of mother nature which also helped to calm me.

Sergey served a smaller amount for my first ceremony, knowing that a gentle introduction was best for me. My journey was subtle but profound and Sergey knew intuitively when I needed some support. He has the ability to know when you need your space to experience your own process and when you need some guidance. I found his words to be exactly what I needed to dissolve what was in my way. He was the finger pointing to my blockages, leaving me to understand and acknowledge them which I found incredibly empowering.

Even though thus first ceremony was light, it was amazingly powerful and there were obvious shifts that I noticed in the following days. I was more grounded, more centered and I received some of the power back I felt I’d lost.
The insights received were usable tools for me to walk closer towards healing and wholeness.

My next 3 ceremonies took me deeper, but were always gentle. I realized that my experiences with plant medicines didn’t need to be all about suffering. I had been holding on to the belief that in order to heal, one had to suffer but Wachuma and Sergey showed me this isn’t necessary. I was held so beautifully by this medicine and was shown the depth of healing that occurs through love, beauty and connection to our beautiful Earth.

Through my time with Wachuma I have gained a deeper understanding of my experiences with ayahuasca and now carry a deep respect for this sacred medicine. Wachuma helped me to reframe my time with ayahuasca and see them without the filters of fear.

I feel stronger, more grounded and more connected to myself and the world around me. I received exactly what I needed from Wachuma and am forever grateful to this sacred medicine and Sergey.

I would highly recommend Sergey as guide for your work with Wachuma. He holds a strong safe space and has such as deep respect for this medicine which has an obvious effect on the experience. I appreciate the way in which he brings ancient medicine and customs into a western context. I have seen one of the problematic areas within the plant medicine world, is the inability to bring back our experiences and ground them here in this reality. People are so often left confused and with many more questions. I feel my experiences with Sergey were much more easily translated and integrated into my daily life. I have been able to bring back wisdom and understanding and connect deeper with myself and the world around me, what a gift!

Gracias Wachuma, Gracias Sergey