Blessed Sacred Medicine of Peru

By Pamela Cail

Rea Rainbow Energy Alive

by Pamela Cail

It was an honor to finally meet Sergey and work with the San Pedro cactus, a sacred medicine of Peru.

Sergey is a very heart centered caring guide which you can feel upon the first meeting.

Weeks before it is recommended to prepare your body, mind & spirit and I am so glad this was told to me. Although my fear was great on the third day working with the medicine, Sergey’s guidance and gentle understanding helped me through my experience perfectly.

I am an intuitive soul artist who was looking to open my Seeing Eye and intuitive connection with my guides. Each day my connection grew stronger and my fears were being shown to me. The medicine gave me clarity and also gave me great understanding of how to work through my many fears.

After leaving this amazing experience and returning back home, my creative process opened up and my vibrational connection to my heart’s voice was much stronger and clearer. Many new clients were drawn to what I was creating.

Thank you so much Sergey for being my guide through this transformational process!

Much love to you and your continued work… One Heart