San Pedro journeys with Sergey Baranov

san pedro cactus ceremony

My name is Peter and I would like to start this story from how I came to meeting Sergey. I went to Iquitos in November 15. My partner and I went to a ayahuasca retreat for 4 days and had a powerful experience which left me a little confused. We drank twice and had two very different experiences. We decided to go back again in February to a different retreat for 7 days. We stuck to the strict diet and arrived there on Feb 1st. The first ceremony we done was very over powering and a bit scary for me and I only done the one. We also done the Ajo sacha diet which lasted 3 nights and was very cleansing. I felt quite disappointed that i didn’t do the 3 ayahuasca ceremonies but we stayed for the week and still had a strong experience. While we were there we got speaking to the owner and other students about San Pedro and it sounded like it may be better for us as a couple. The retreat we stayed at had a rule that separated couples, and as much as I understand it is an individual journey my wife and I have been together for 30 years and wanted to be there for each other if needed, and that caused some waves when I was struggling in the first ceremony. Anyway the day before the retreat ended the owner kindly recommended Sergey to us and we left for Cusco. We arrived there on the 10th and Sergey picked us up and took us to stay at his home with his lovely family. We arrived just in time because there was a 2 day strike starting on the 11th. Sergey’s wife made us a very nice dinner in the evening and they made us feel very welcome. We had been on the Ayahuasca diet for over 3 weeks so it was so nice to eat a home cooked meal. The next morning we was up nice and early ready for our first ceremony. Sergey could see I was a bit anxious and really helped me relax and feel more confident. I started with three quarters of a cup and then we headed off to the river behind his house. We found a nice spot and within an hour it started working. It made me feel so alive and safe and no fear whatsoever. We had a beautiful day and then headed home. The medicine lasted right through to 12 o’clock that night and we had a lovely dinner and sat around the fire talking. I slept very well that night woke up in the morning ready to go again. I drank a full cup and we headed off to the sacred rock. It is a beautiful space there and I had an amazing day again. I took more medicine that day feeling love and gratitude. What I love about this medicine is that I feel very grounded and present. I would like to add that the Ayahuasca is done in the dark and for me was more out of the body than in! The San Pedro is done in the daytime and such an integrative medicine in all aspects. Anyway we had to leave to go back on the 14th so thanked Sergey for his time, love and patience and told him we would be back soon with our sons. We arrived back there on April 2nd with our sons who are 22,23,and 24 years old. This time we rented Sergeys cactus house from and were staying for two weeks. Again Sergey picked us up from airport and took us to eat with his family and then home. We woke up next morning and went to a beautiful river about 5 minutes drive away. We all drank that day and Sergey was very caring and sensible in the way he introduced our sons to the medicine. I have to say that I came with my sons to Sergey because I had and have 100 percent faith and trust in how he conducts ceremonies. All of my boys took to the medicine on the first day and were very thankful to be having this experience. We are a close family anyway, but the medicine helped us open up more and appreciate each other and life so much more. We had 6 ceremonies over the 12 days we were there and they went deeper each time. Also on the night of ceremonies Sergeys beautiful wife and her mother cooked for us .It was so nice to get home and put the fire on and have a nice dinner with everyone. Like I said earlier so integrative. The other thing thats so nice with this medicine is that there is no come down the next day, just presence and clarity. My experience with ayahuasca was also life changing but quite brutal and kind of rips the ego out of you where as San Pedro is very kind and loving and I can see why its called the grandfather. I will certainly be going back this year maybe for a longer period as you can go really deep with this medicine. It has certainly changed my families and my view on life and would recommend Sergey to anyone who is looking to change their lives. Sergey has a very relaxed and structured way of helping you and has a wealth of knowledge on world issues and the problems that face us as human beings in the 21st century. Thank you Sergey and we will be back to see you soon.