An Unforgettable Shamanic and Cultural Experience with Sergey Baranov
Weekly and monthly San Pedro / Huachuma Retreats in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru

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Please read the book before making a contact.

Optional 2 nights/3 days extension to Machu Picchu

Find out about the special annual journeys to Chavin de Huantar in Peru, Lake Titikaka in Bolivia and the land of Peyote and Huichol Indians in Mexico.

san pedro retreat by the river, Peru

There is so much beauty and mystery in Peru! Come to visit if your spirit is hungry for adventure!

san pedro cactus flower huachuma flower


The undertaken shamanic journey is a unique opportunity to reflect on your life in the light of the sacred medicine in the natural and beautiful Andean environment.
A search for healing, meaning, clarity and understanding, shall be held for intent.


”The nature of Reality must be known by one’s own clear spiritual perception; it cannot be known through a learned man. Similarly the form of the moon can only be known through one’s own eyes. How can it be known through others?’’
‘’Disease is not cured by pronouncing the name of the medicine but by taking medicine. Deliverance is not achieved by repeating the word “Brahman’’, but by directly experiencing Brahman.”

– Shankara (Hindu sage, 8th century CE)


Our beautiful Calca in the heart of Sacred Valley, where we live and work (10,000 feet above see level)


spiritual journey in sacred valley

san pedro journey in Peru

sacred valley view from san pedro ceremony

huachuma retreat in sacred valley

san pedro retreat, peru

retreat with sergey baranov

shamanic retreat , Peru

shaman journey in Peru

photo from san pedro retreat


”We can pool information about experience, but never the experience themselves. Words are uttered, but fail to enlighten.”

Aldous Huxley


Lodging in the Cactus House in Calca, lovely, clean and quiet place with fireplace, kitchen, hot showers, Wi-Fi and an amazing view of the mountains from every window! The one of a kind, where every adobe brick has been dipped in San Pedro medicine. You literally are living in the cactus!

Cactus house 7 ready for posting





 san pedro cactus lodging

 san pedro cactus retreat accommodation



san pedro retreat, Group from France

Here are a few places where we conduct our ceremonies

san pedro retreat by the river

san pedro retreat at Urco ruins

san pedro cactus ceremony in urco ruins, Peru


san pedro retreat by sacred lakes,Calca

san pedro retreat in andes

cactus retreat in Peru

san pedro journey Peru

Cactus retreat ,Peru

retreat at sacred places

cactus retreat in Peru


san pedro retreat near Moray

san Pedro retreat in Moray

retreat in moray

moray retreat

With Ben Stewart, Max Igan and other friends

sacred altar

in the cave resized


san pedro retreat sacred portal


BeautifulsSunsets in Calca

sunset in Calca

retreat view


san pedro retreat sunset

retreat, sunset

Physical and mental health conditions must be honestly disclosed.
We conduct our work in a safe, relaxed yet focused manner.
Bring your sincerity, courage and trust.
Good medicine is waiting for you!

san pedro cactus flowers

cutting the san pedro catus

blowing mapacho into new cutting cactus

Sergey Baranov


chavin icon

the path, sergey baranov

“Can you walk on water? You have done no better than a straw.
Can you fly in the air? You have done no better than a bluebottle.
Conquer your heart; then you may become somebody.”
Ansari of Herat (Persian Sufi 1006 –1088)

san pedro flower


Just wanted to share with you the beauty found inside this gentle and beautiful flower. Unfortunately, as the experience itself, I cannot convey to you its aromatic scent, for this you will have to smell it for yourself.

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