By Martin Stevens


I first met Sergey in December 2005 at a jungle lodge outside the city of Iquitos where we had gone to participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies with a highly respected ‘banco’ curandero of the vegetalista mestizo tradition. Later we flew to Cusco and had a final dinner together before I left to attend a Spanish language school while he continued as a participant in a sacred medicine pilgrimage to various sacred sites in different parts of Peru.

At the time Sergey was amazed to know that I was starting a whole new life in a new country using a new language. Little did he know that soon he would be embarking on the same leap of courage into a new life beginning in the Sacred Valley and that he would be called to dive deep into the ancient world of Peruvian shamanism by becoming a huachumero spiritually aligned with the Chavin temple in Ancash.
Since that time I have moved away from Cusco and the Sacred Valley up into the northern jungle area of Peru, but up until this change of location I participated in many sacred medicine ceremonies offered by Sergey and drank his carefully prepared huachuma medicine many times over several years when I lived in the Sacred Valley.

I very much appreciate Sergey’s sincerity and integrity on the path of sacred plant medicine and also the careful way he introduces new people into the world of the sacred plants and the expanded awareness they open up. I do feel comfortable recommending Sergey’s ceremonies to anyone looking for an entranceway into the deep and ancient spirituality of Peru that lies unseen to the great majority of visitors to Peru.

As for what Sergey’s medicine is like: You can expect to be out in a natural setting in or around the Sacred Valley, perhaps at an ancient ceremonial site or beside a river. As time passes during the day and as the medicine takes effect, you will feel your consciousness expand and your thoughts will become more lucid until you find yourself awakening to the presence of ancient power, ancient clarity, a feeling of connection to the landscape. Ineffable beauty and strength, divine intelligence can be perceived. It is truly a wondrous thing and so refreshing to your tired spirit.

Now, whenever I get an opportunity to return to Calca I always come and spend time with Sergey. It is always wonderful to reconnect with him and his wonderful family and to drink the sacred huachuma once again.

Martin Stevens