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Our new podcast with Change Truth.



Waking Infinity is a series of short documentaries made by Ben Joseph Stewart, creator of Kymatica, Esoteric Agenda and Ungrip, films that reached millions of people worldwide. While traveling in Peru, Ben, Max Igan and few other friends, make a journey to the Andes, where they meet with Sergey Baranov. This documentary is the result of their meeting. It was spontaneously filmed during the Huachuma ceremony and between. You can follow Ben’s work here.

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The following interview was given to Dr. Van Nues, Ph.D, Shrink Radio Rap


The next discussion takes place at the Psychedelic Salon. You can download the MP3 file following this link. An easy going conversation which could go for hours. You might find it interesting.

Salon2 031 – “The Sacred Cactus”