Connecting to and understanding the rich cultural and natural landscape of ancient Peru and Bolivia

Huachuma Journeys alongside coastal Peru: Exploring ancient cultures of Caral, Lambayeque, Chimú and Moche


Huachuma Journeys in Bolivia: Exploring ancient cave art and beauty of Nature


Huachuma journeys in the highlands of Peru: making the timeless connection with the magnificent Andes, its natural and man-made places of power





Documentaries and interviews with Sergey Baranov

Waking Infinity is a series of short documentaries made by Ben Joseph Stewart, creator of Kymatica, Esoteric Agenda and Ungrip, films that reached millions of people worldwide.

The short documentary ”PATH” produced by Ben Joseph Stewart is a visual introduction to who we are and what we do. Hope you enjoy it…

Also available on Gaiam TV (Medicintegrity Episode 4)

Along way Home

Had an honor to make a small contribution to a new documentary about the sacred cactus Huachuma. The film was aired on Thailand national TV and of course it’s all in Thai. Only my words towards the end are in English. But still, the film has nicely captured the spirit and the beauty of our surrounding.

Sacred Plants ( Episode 13) 

Please enjoy our new podcast made by Nathan Ehrlich. It starts at 19.30 minute mark. Nathan is a cancer survivor who shares his story and his path that led him to the Sacred Plants.


Shrink Rap Radio Interview with Sergey Baranov on his shamanic path (NEW)